Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

When it comes to hair extensions for thin hair, find out whether micro bead hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions work best. When deciding on hair extensions, it is important to find out how much weight, stress and tension will be placed on your natural hair. If you have fine or thin hair, you will need to make sure you hair extensions with the lightest density.
You might think that strand-by-strand application would be the lightest method, but you should also consider the potential damage you may cause by bonding individual pieces of hair to naturally thin hair. Before applying extensions to thin hair, decide whether micro bead hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions work best.


Micro Bead Hair Extensions Micro Bead Hair Extensions (Cylinder): The way micro bead hair extensions work is through each extension being applied strand-by-strand using a special tool to attach each hair extension to your natural hair with a copper or silicone bead. Unfortunately, if you have thin hair, the links that work similarly to a screw can weigh your hair when they are clamped on. The weight of each strand will tug and pull on your hair, possibly ruining it in the long run. Tape-In Hair ExtensionsTape-In Hair Extensions: This technique requires extensions to be bonded to your natural hair with tape (no glue required). Each tape weft is lightweight and attaches to a larger area of hair which reduces the tension on the clients' natural hair- leaving no damage! The best part is that a single-side method application can be used. This means that instead of using two entire tape wefts to bond the hair, one tape weft extension can be placed on the hair and the other side can be sealed with a single sided piece of tape- cutting the weight of the bonds in half. In conclusion, Tape-In hair extensions for thin hair work best because they provide long wear with no damage to naturally thin hair and they do not require tools or chemicals to be put in place.

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