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    Keratin Fusion FAQs

    We recommend roughly 100-150g (6-8 packs) of hair for a full head application.

    Depending on what you're trying to achieve (hybrid application, length, volume) you'll need to adjust the quantity.

    6 packs = 90g of 14" hair   •   120g of 18" hair   •   135g of 22" hair

    Keratin Fusion extensions are non-damaging to your hair, as long as your stylist removes them properly. When applied, our heat gun is used to gently heat the keratin bond. When removed, our Glide Remover is used in conjunction with our bond breaking pliers. These pliers crush the bond, and then the glide remover assists with combing away the bond. 

    You'll get the most wear out of our keratin fusion extensions. Wear our Keratin Fusion extensions from 4-6 months, depending on your grow out. Your stylist will tell you how long depending on how fast your grow out is. 

    Keratin Fusion Transformations