Why Register?

This webinar will cover everything you need to know about AQUA Machine Weft:

  1. Introduction to Machine Weft Hair Extensions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what machine weft hair extensions are, their types, and the quality factors that make them stand out in the market.
  2. Installation and Styling Techniques: Learn from industry experts as they demonstrate the step-by-step process of installing machine weft hair extensions. Discover various styling tips and techniques to achieve the perfect look.
  3. Ideal Clients: Understand who machine weft hair extensions are best suited for. Whether you're a professional stylist looking to expand your clientele or an individual interested in enhancing your hair's beauty, this segment will help you identify the right fit.

Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot early. We can't wait to see you there!


No, this event is completely free.

The All things Machine Weft webinar is for anyone that has been previously certified in our Hand Tied Weft Extensions, who wants to learn more about our Machine Weft - from product specs, deconstruction, to installing tips.

The webinar is scheduled to begin at 12pm EST (9am PST/10am MST/11pm CST). 

AQUA National Educator, Shania Butcher, will be hosting this certification webinar.

Yes, this webinar will be available for anyone registered for the event.

Machine Weft Spotlight