Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to change up your look. Hair extensions come in different systems such as Clip-ins, Micro Beads, Keratin Fusion, and Tape-Ins. Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to install hair extensions. They can add length, color or bangs within minutes!

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Before we begin, here are some things you should know before purchasing your first Clip-in extensions: 1. Find the color that best fits your own hair color. Check out our Color List and Color Chart to pick a color closest to your own shade.

A good trick is to match the color to the ends of your hair.

20 Inch Clip-In Hair Extensions
2. Decide on the quality of the hair you want. We recommend investing in our Remy Human Hair Extensions, because they will last longer, and blend into your own hair better.

How to Apply your Clip-In Extensions

Before you install your clip in hair extension, tease the root of your hair to secure the clips.

Quick Tip: Use rubber bands to create sections that hold onto the clips.

1. Make a horizontal part across your scalp that is about 1 inch from the nape of your neck. Tie the loose hair above that with a hair clip or rubber band. 2. Make sure all the clips are in an open position and ready to be attached to your hair. 3. Attach the middle clip first in your hair, when it feels secured, snap it shut. Repeat for the other clips. 4. Check that all the clips are laid flat against your scalp. 5. Release the hair you have tied above and create another horizontal line above your Clip-in. Make sure to leave hair to cover the Clip-ins. Once you are satisfied with your part and confident that it covers the Clip-ins below, tie up the loose hair. 6. Repeat steps 2-5. 7. When you reach two clip hair extensions, do horizontal parts above your ears. Check that the clips are comfortable and are laid flat against your scalp. 8. Use a mirror to ensure that your clips aren't showing. Style as desired. Clip-in hair extensions are so easy and quick that they can be part of your everyday routine. You can use them whenever you feel like changing up your look!

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