How to Market Your Salon on the Internet

Marketing your Salon Takes Dedication.

If you work in the salon industry, you probably already know that your online presence is just as important as the quality of your work. In order to attract clientele, you need to stand out online. For many salon owners, it can be challenging to know where to start, what to post and how much time to invest. Worry not! We’ll tell you all you need to know, from what platforms to use, to how to create effective content all so that you can be successful in this thriving industry.

Where to Market your Salon on Social Media

Facebook – With the most amount of active users, Facebook is the king of social media. People tend to check company pages on Facebook in order to check reviews, see the quality of your work, and to get in contact with you. Aim to update your salons’ page at least once a week with new images, and any deals you might be having. It’s also crucial that you reply to all comments, positively. Instagram – Instagram is your best bet when it comes to attracting clients, but it’s also the most competitive. The quality of your images is everything- take plenty photos of your customers, make sure to have a clean background, and don’t over-do it on the filters. It’s also worth noting that videos of applying extensions, and slow-motion videos of finished results are very popular lately. Pinterest – Pinterest is great for long-term exposure. Often you will end up with a larger reach than what is financially accessible (i.e., you will reach a lot of people who aren’t in your area for your services), but it’s a great way to gain a lot of traction, and to promote your other social media pages with minimal updates! marketing for salons Twitter – Twitter can be a good platform if you have a young target audience, and if you’re active on it. When tweeting, write something short and witty, always use hashtags, and never Tweet without a picture or video attached.

What Works on Social Media

Ads – Ads have never been cheaper and easier to create. Now almost all apps have an option to “Boost” posts for a nominal fee. There are even options such as where in the world you want the ad to appear, and who your target audience is based offsimilar interests. Before and After – When it comes to salons, before and after pictures are necessary. They tend to be the most popular amongst clients, because they can really see what you’re capable of.
(Pro-Tip: Keep the background the same, so both images blend seamlessly; it looks more professional.)
Clientele – Your core audience on social media are your clients; after all, your content will consist of them. Posting a picture of your customers’ hair and tagging them can lead to their friends and followers finding your salon. Because of this, you want to make sure to follow them and interact with them via social media. The idea is to make yourself as approachable as possible!

What Not To Do

Lengthy Text Posts – Unless absolutely necessary, keep text catchy, and concise. Most people are turned off instantly when they see a long post. market your salon Hashtag Explosion – Instagram is the perfect place for incorporating tons of hashtags (max 30), but the key is to find hashtags that are relevant and popular. As for other apps like Facebook, keep hashtags to a minimum- the most successful posts only have one or two. Most importantly, keep them relevant and trendy. Bad Timing – Timing is everything! Avoid posting late in the day or on weekends. The best time to post is in the morning; there’s a higher chance more people will see it throughout the day as they’re scrolling through their feed. Read this amazing study For Insider Information That Will Make Your Salon Thrive!

Aqua Hair Extensions

At Aqua Hair Extensions, the stylists and salon owners mean everything to us; we’re always doing everything we can to make your business successful by working with Aqua. To help expand your social media presence even further, we have pre-created a few Social Media templates for you to set you apart from your peers and show that you are an Aqua Certified salon owner! Click here to view the templates.

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