Bangz is a cozy salon based out of Winter Park. We work hard and treat every client with an amount of care that is not present in most modern day salons. We care deeply and want to prove that we are the best!

Why BANGZ is the BEST

BANGZ Service – We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of service we offer by our highly trained and motivated team. We are truly passionate about education and having associations with world class performers such as Vivienne Mackinder, Sherri Jessee, Ryan Teal and Scott Fisher; our hairdressers are at the forefront of today's latest techniques in cutting, coloring and dress work. The beneficiary is you. Product – We provide the best hair products because we receive the best supply. We only believe in providing the very best for our clients, and that’s because we give the best. So when you come into our salon, understand that we are providing the best service with the most ethically sourced 100% Remy human hair. Outlook – Bangz Park Avenue is English-owned by Jonty and Janie. We enjoy life here at Bangz Park Avenue and believe you will too. Nothing is ever too much trouble for our clients. The ambiance is always professional yet pleasingly friendly and low-key. A visit to our Park Avenue is like visiting a favorite relative or friend except your hair is wonderfully cared for while you're here. If there is ever anything that we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please let us know.


We promote salon culture from cosmetic to aesthetic. We don’t want to cut your hair and send you on your way simply; we want to design a look for you that compliments you in ways you never realized would be beautiful. If you would like to know more about BANGZ and our salon in winter park, visit us today at BANGZ.

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