The Perfect Salon Profit Opportunity

At the end of the day, salons are a business. Treating them like one in order to make a salon profit can be a struggle. The key is getting new clients and retaining them, but what else can a business-savvy salon owner do to dramatically increase revenue?
Tape-in hair extensions are, without a doubt, the fastest growing category in the hair industry. It only makes sense when you consider that a full head of Tape-In extensions- that costs several hundred dollars- can be applied within an hour! Then there's the additional cost of upkeep every 6-8 weeks for removal, re-taping and re-applying. The market is constantly growing, because hair extensions can be used for way more than just length. There's endless clients wanting more volume, or craving color without the use of chemicals. The bottom line is- salons need a product they can trust, and is affordable.


Aqua Hair Extensions has several unique selling points in the competitive world of hair extensions. We offer online and hands-on certification classes that are both effective and affordable. A unique two stage, 21 day hair processing technology that ensures our consistently high quality. Aqua Hair Extensions Table TentOur American-made medical-grade tapes are thin, flexible and leave behind little to no residue upon removal. Although, the ultimate test is to feel the difference between our 100% Human Remy Hair, and our competitors. Be assured that Aqua Hair Extensions always conducts our customer service with integrity. We genuinely care about our clients, both big and small. When you call us, we'll always do our best to resolve any and all challenges; we're available to assist every Monday- Friday from 9-5. Our client partnerships are never taken for granted and we will consistently do everything we can to help them grow their hair extensions business. Most importantly, we offer our top quality products at a price point others find hard to match. Even our maintenance products, such as brushes, shampoos and conditioners- all add up to increased profit margins for the salon. So, the next time an hour service is booked in the salon, how much salon profit is going to be generated? A few dollars or several hundred dollars? Your choice is likely to be reflected in your next bank statement.


If you are looking for the highest quality products and services for hair extensions, then you are looking for Aqua Hair Extensions. We put quality ahead of quantity and provide a product so well developed that using our hair extensions isn’t an experiment, it’s an experience. Contact us today to learn more (866)638-3312.

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