Why Use Aqua Prep Shampoo

The main reason to use prep shampoo is to make sure the client’s hair is clean and ready for the hair extensions installation. If the client’s hair has conditioner/oils or hair products, the hair extensions might not adhere to the hair and will fall out in short time.

Why our Prep Shampoo is the best

Prep Shampoo Prep shampoo is vital for extensions, but not just any shampoo will do. You need to use Aqua’s Prep Shampoo. Here are three things that our shampoo does better than our competitors: • Prep Shampoo deep cleanses the hair • Removes all build-up from styling products, oils, hard water minerals & stubborn chlorine • Leaves hair ready for hair extensions service
We never recommend washing the hair extensions with the prep shampoo as it has a PH level of 7.0 and might dry the extensions.

Aqua Hair Extensions

If you are looking for the highest quality products and services for hair extensions, then you are looking for Aqua Hair Extensions. Not only do we provide expert products, but we also provide expert services through our certification program with Brent Hardgrave. We put quality ahead of quantity and deliver the product so well developed that using our hair extensions isn’t an experiment, it’s an experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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