How to Price Tape In Hair Extensions Services

The Best Guide to Pricing Tape-in Hair Extensions Services!
So you started offering tape-in hair extensions at your salon, and are wondering how much to charge your client. This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our hairstylists entering the world of Tape-In hair extensions.
  1. tape in hair extensionsCharge per panel – ‘Panel’ is classified as “two tape wefts installed together.” The average salon will charge between $30-$40 per panel (including the cost of the hair). Each panel will take about 1 minute to install, and is a great way to increase your ticket, It also gives your clients the fullness/length/highlights they are looking for without the use of chemicals. The average full head will take about 20 panels.
  2. The cost of service – The price for the service will be determined after doing a consultation with the client. After the consultation, the hairstylist should know the amount of hair that needs to be ordered, the length and about how long it will take.
On average for a full head, the client will need four packs (40pcs). The average ticket will be $600-$800 for the service (4packs, 18” long).
  1. The cost of hair & hourly rate - Some salons like to charge the client for the cost of the hair and add additional installation fee for the hair extensions. For example, if the cost of the hair was $250, the salon will add $150 to install the full head of tape-in hair extensions.
Before determining the price of the Tape-In hair extensions on your salon menu, we suggest you review the local market and compare your salon menu prices. What are other salons are charging for hair extensions services in your area?
All prices include haircut and style of the hair extensions.

Removal & Re-Application

The client should come in for hair extension re-application every 6-8 weeks. Where the hairstylist will re-use the hair extensions. The cost is only for the re-tape tabs, remover and labor. Many salons are charging an hourly rate of $60-$75 to remove and re-apply the extensions.

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