Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

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    About AQUA Keratin Fusion

    AQUA Keratin Fusion extensions have 360 degree movement on the head, and can be completely customized to fill out fringe, pair with other systems to fill in the hairline, and will match your guest's hair density perfectly. 

    Our unique keratin bond is 100% Italian Keratin, with no fillers or other foreign plastics. It's durable, and has a matte finish to perfectly blend into the guest's hair. 

    This system pairs well with our Hand Tied Weft extensions around the hairline. 

    Keratin Fusion Extensions have the longest wear, for 4-6 months. 

    One bundle of 25 keratin fusion strands comes in each pack of hair. 

    Hair Weights

    Our Hair Weights do not include the attachment weft at the top, just the hair.

    14" Hair: 15g/pack        18" Hair: 20g/pack          22" Hair: 22.5g/pack

    How Much Hair Do You Need

    We recommend roughly 100-150g (6-8 packs) of hair for a full head application.

    Depending on what you're trying to achieve (hybrid application, length, volume) you'll need to adjust the quantity.

    6 packs = 90g of 14" hair   •   120g of 18" hair   •   135g of 22" hair