What is the different between Balayage, Rooted, and Ombre?


Rooted Color Technique

Our Rooted hair extensions feature a 2-3" darker color section at the top of the hair extension, near the application point. 

Ombré Color Technique

Our Ombré hair extensions feature 50% of the length of the hair extensionsi in the darker color at the top, and then a transition to the bottom 50% in the lighter color. 


Balayage Color Technique

Our Balayage hair extensions feature 30% of the top of the length of the hair extensions in the darker color, and then blended throughout the bottom 70% of the length in the lighter color. 

Looking for other color techniques? 

We also offer Natural (one color) hair extensions, DuoTone (two color) hair extensions, and Crazy (fantasy) hair extensions. 

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