Brent Hardgrave is featured in Modern Salon!

Hardgrave’s passion is overwhelming, and he shows it in his work. He wholeheartedly believes in all the benefits of what hair extensions can do for people. The article which is featured here, chronicles his ideals and his philosophy.

Brent HardgraveFrom Brent Hardgrave Extensions Biz:

Atlanta-based stylist Brent Hardgrave looks at this market as untapped. When he is not traveling as an educational and artistry ambassador for Aqua Hair Extensions, Hardgrave runs his concierge hair service, My Beauty Butler, and works out of Atlanta’s Jamison Shaw Hairdressers once a week. “Women want a thicker ponytail for much the same reason as women put filler in their cheeks—they lose volume and density,” “If you can restore a client’s hair and give them back themselves, that’s huge,” he says. “The happy tears are crazy.” After the initial service, a client should pre-book their maintenance appointment for 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast their hair grows. At $30 per panel to remove and re-tape extensions, a client with 20 panels of hair is looking at $600 for the hour-long service. Working six hours a week at Jamison Shaw, he grossed $60,000 in services last year. “My clients’ beauty budget is none of my business,” Hardgrave says. “My job is to give them options.” If clients want to experiment with less conservative color, he offers extensions as a temporary, easier-to-maintain solution. “Giving clients a taste is a good way to get them comfortable with extensions,” he says. Brent recommends going to every class available and attending the same class more than once. “You’re always going to pick up something more,” he says. “Anytime you have the chance, continue to educate yourself. That’s what makes a successful stylist.” You can read the full article at: The certifications provided by Brent Hardgrave:

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