AQUA is 100% Quality, 100% Hair.

We at Aqua Hair Extensions pride ourselves on consistent quality over quantity. Our brand's primary focus is the integrity of our renowned hair quality that will never be equally replicated, as well as providing all of our AQUA Fam with the best customer service possible.

Having over 44 colors and 6 systems to choose from gives our AQUA stylists and AQUA salons endless solutions for any hair goal. 


Without the right process, even the best hair will not last. We've crafted our hair extension process using a proprietary two-step process to give our hair the best wear experience. This process locks in color, while respecting the cuticle of the hair. The result is 100% full cuticle Remy hair that's gorgeous, vibrant, and long-lasting.

Our hair is treated for 12 hours in a nutrient-rich solution to protect the natural cuticle during the lifting process. Next, slower and gentler than traditional methods, our proprietary 21 day color process preserves the integrity of the hair extensions, while lifting and depositing. 


Here at AQUA we're constantly pushing the envelope on what extension education can be like for the AQUA Stylist. Our Education Team always keeps us up to date on the latest on-trend techniques.

We're here to give you all of the tools for success in order to assist you during your extensions career.