Tape In Hair Extensions


    AQUA Tape Ins are the thinnest, most comfortable tape ins you'll find. 1.5" wide sections of clear and matte medical grade tape secure the hair to the top, giving that seamless look with very little effort.

    Great for flexible placements, and pairs well with our Award-Winning Keratin Fusion extensions around the hairline. 

    Re-use AQUA hair up to 1 year with excellent maintenance, move ups are every 6-8 weeks - depending on re-growth. 

    Each pack comes with 10 pieces, that can be sandwiched together to make 5 panels.

    You can also use our Single Side Tape, to create thinner panels for fragile hair guests. With single side tape you can create 10 panels from 1 pack. 

    Please note, there is latex in the adhesive of our Tape Ins. The Hand Tied Weft, Keratin Fusion, and Cylinder systems are a better fit for guests with latex allergies. 

    Hair Weights

    Our Hair Weights do not include the attachment at the top, just the hair.

    14" Hair: 25g/pack        18" Hair: 25g/pack          22" Hair: 27.5g/pack

    How much hair do you need:

    Density in weight line/perimeter: 1-2 packs

    Volume/thickness: 2-3 pack

    Full head density and length: 4-6 packs