Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions


    AQUA Hand Tied Wefts are the thinnest, most comfortable wefts you'll find. Individual sections of hair are individually hand tied together onto a very small and thin weft. 

    Great for buildable density, unique placement, and pairs well with our Award-Winning Keratin Fusion extensions around the hairline. 

    Re-use AQUA hair up to 1 year with excellent maintenance, move ups are every 6-8 weeks - depending on re-growth. 

    Hair Weights

    Our Hair Weights do not include the attachment weft at the top, just the hair.

    14" Hair: 55g/pack        18" Hair: 60g/pack          22" Hair: 63g/pack

    How much hair do you need:

    Density in weight line/perimeter: 1-2 packs

    Volume/thickness: 1 pack

    Full head density and length: 2-3 packs