What's the Differences Between Ombre, Duo Tone and Balayage Hair Extensions?

There will always be a need for natural color hair extensions, but the market is always changing. Ombre, Duo tone and Balayage hair extensions are all very stylish and different. Aqua Hair Extensions is here to show you the difference between the three, and help you stay on trend!


Balayage – The Balayage is a French coloring technique that was created in the seventies. The term in French means “to sweep.” When stylists are applying the Balayage effect to hair, they are sweeping contrasting colors into the hair style. This helps blend the color naturally, so that creates a soft “sun-kissed” effect or in some cases, it can create a bold punk-rock style. Ombre – The Ombre coloring technique has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years. Also a French word, meaning “shadow” or “shading.” This hair color shows a transition from dark to light. It is a very bold style because of how much color it includes and the transition is visually striking. In summary, balayage hints at a different color and ombre transitions to a different color. Duo Tone - Duo Tone is two different colors. The Duo tone style is most effective when it completely contrasts the opposing colors. A common style of two-tone hair extensions is bright blonde and dark brown or black hair. Knowing these differences and how it best suits your client is crucial for hairstylists. Know your client and know what works best with them. They may be looking for duo tone, but balayage might complement them better, and they might not have known it was an option! It's your job to push them in the right direction and introduce them to a style they never would have known about or considered. If your client is unsure of what hair style to try, don’t worry about it. Aqua Hair Extensions offers each of these styles in the clip in hair extensions. Our extensions allow the client to test out the style while still looking like it was salon quality, and not having to commit. The hair extensions we provide are 100% Remy human hair guaranteeing a high quality look every time.

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