How to Get Repeat Business from your Clients!

The Importance of Repeats in Salons

Every salon owner should know the importance of repeat business in their salons. Most of the people who are going to salons are looking for that ‘third place’- a place where they can relax, get pampered and leave looking better than when they came in. As a salon owner, you want to provide a unique and fun experience. Your goal should be to make your guests feel comfortable, special, and most importantly- beautiful! salon repeat businessTo truly deliver on that ‘third place’ experience it’s important that you get to know them, be attentive, and give incentive for repeat visits.

How to Be Personable with your Clients

When a person goes to a salon, they are looking to let their hair down- so to speak. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Break the ice with new customers by asking them questions about themselves, for instance: What’s their hair care routine like? How is their natural hair texture? How do they normally style it? This will also show that you’re doing the best that you can for their hair. Even take it a step further, and offer suggestions on what they can do to improve the look and feel of their hair. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal – If they’re willing to talk to you about their personal lives, listen. Sometimes all someone wants is to vent and blow off steam; for some, getting their hair done is the equivalent of therapy. Listen to what is going on in their lives, and try to remember details. Not only will it give you guys something to talk about next time, but they’ll feel like a valued customer. On the other hand, some people aren’t as chatty, so be sure to have something to keep them entertained, like a magazine or TV. salon client retention Stay Positive and Receive Feedback – Before sending them off, make sure you’ve done all you can to ensure they’re happy with the result. The last thing you want is for a client to leave unhappy; after all, the goal is to make them feel as beautiful as possible. Lastly, of course, shower them in compliments- people love to feel reassured, especially when trying something new with their hair.

How to Incentivize Repeat Business

E-mail Campaigns – Offer new clients a discount when they fill out an info card with their email, and birth date. That way you can send them promotions, and personalized birthday emails as a way to keep them coming back. In addition, follow-ups are another great way to go that extra mile. For instance, if you had an Aqua Hair Extensions installation 5 weeks ago, send a friendly reminder that the extensions are due to come out soon. Most importantly, reward loyalty! After putting in all that work to keep a client, you’re going to want to show them your gratitude for choosing you as their go-to stylist.

Aqua Hair Extensions

We love working with our salon owners and helping them grow as a business. If you are trying to find your identity in the salon world or are struggling to meet the amount of clientele you are looking for, try these tips and see if they help! If you have any further questions, leave a comment, e-mail, or give us a call!

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