Why our Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner is Great

Aqua Hair Extensions make high-quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair extensions. It’s no coincidence that a high-end company like Aqua is going to manufacture products that increase the longevity and quality of your extensions. But what do we do differently and what makes our shampoo and conditioner better?Aqua Shampoo

What Makes Them Unique?

Our products are the best for your hair because we have removed three harmful components that are present in most other hair care products: Paraben, Sulfate, and Protein. But what makes them bad for your hair? Paraben – Parabens are used as a preventative measure to stop and halt the progress of fungus, bacteria and other microbes from forming. While these can be beneficial for keeping deodorants fresh, they are bad for your hair. Sulfates – Sulfates are to hair as alcohol is to skin. Sulfates are a great way to clean and kill bacteria. But sulfates kill even the good oils that keep your hair elastic and fresh. Killing all of the natural oils from your hair will damage the integrity over time, making it dry and frizzy. In some cases even causing split ends and breakage! Aqua Conditioner Protein – Human hair is a fibrous protein primarily made of Keratin. While adding protein is good for muscles, it’s bad for hair. When hair is saturated with protein, it strengthens the fibrous tissue. Strengthening hair makes it more frigid, more susceptible to breaking, frizzing and further damage.

Aqua Hair Extensions

Looking for the highest quality products and services for hair extensions? Look no further than Aqua Hair Extensions! Not only do we provide professional products, but we also provide a thorough certification program. We put quality ahead of quantity and provide the product so well developed that using our hair extensions isn’t an experiment, it’s an experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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