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Hand tied weft services have become a huge craze in the extension market; with few companies offering education or even the extensions themselves, the demand is growing. If you’re reading this blog, you've probably heard about our new Hand Tied Wefts and are hoping to learn more, or are deciding if you should be offering this service to build your business behind the chair? Whatever the case may be, we'll tell you everything you need to know about our latest system. Well, let’s dive right in!


Hand Tied Wefts are wefts that are made by hand, you might be saying, "well, what does that mean?" Essentially, the hair is sewn to the thread strand by strand, meaning the finished product is thinner, more flexible and seamless when applied to the head. Comparatively, the most common wefts in the hair industry are machine wefts, which are passed through a triple-head sewing machine to create a secure stitch to seal the hair in place. They are sewn or “wefted” to create the bundle of extensions.


Aside from simply adding more services to your practice, you will also have the knowledge to provide another option for clients who may not be the best candidates for other extension systems. They are also perfect for introducing to clients that are interested in extensions but are not yet committed. This is easy to do since everyone is a good candidate for Hand Tied Wefts!
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For clients with fine hair, the hand tied option is a great way to add length and volume without compromising the integrity of the clients' hair. Because the wefts are so thin- they're nearly invisible in the hair, and with fewer bonding points, your client will never have to worry about the extensions showing through their thin hair. Hand Tied Wefts are also durable and stay in place when applied correctly. Clients with an active lifestyle, who are always at the gym, swimming, or running will never have to sweat slippage or discomfort! Just like our other extension systems, they can be used to add color, dimension and correct a haircut. No matter what the challenge or non-challenge, Hand Tied Wefts are a great option.


Now, you must be thinking, 'these Hand Tied Wefts sound amazing, how can I get hands-on education to start building my business?' We got you covered! Yep, it’s true, Aqua offers classes on Hand Tied Wefts. Choose between a 1-day Look & Learn, or step up your game with our 2-day Hands-On Training where you can begin to master this versatile system. What are you waiting for?! Pack your bags, call your hair besties and go on a road trip! To find the class closest to you, sign up here! If you're looking to get your whole salon educated, why not contact one of our distributors to sign up for an In-Salon class? One of our very own Educators can come to YOU!

What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t already - take a class, get certified and start growing your business behind the chair by offering one of the most demanding extension services in the industry now!
If you’re already certified but can’t find Hand Tied Weft Extensions, you're in the right place; you can purchase them on our website by registering here, or calling our office at 1 (866) 638-3312 to find a local distributor to place your order.
Share your work with us, tag @AquaExtensions or use the hashtag, #AquaHairExtensions YOU NEVER KNOW, YOU JUST MIGHT BE FEATURED ON OUR PAGE! Happy Styling!

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