Highlighted Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions understands that there is high demand for colored hair extensions like ombre, balayage and highlighted hair extensions. Buying colored hair extensions saves on time and coloring the client’s hair or because the client has asked for no chemical coloring on her natural hair.


Ombre is French for “shadow.” The way it works with hair coloring is that the color transitions from a dark shade to a lighter shade. Aqua Hair Extensions’s Ombre Tape in hair extensions have a very natural transition from dark to light making your hair look naturally beautiful. In contrast, some hair extension companies will sell ombre tape-in hair extensions that have blunt lines between the two colors. We offer 4 colors for our ombre products:


Balayage and ombre are pretty similar, but there's one big difference between the two. With balayage the hair stylist will sweep color through small triangles to give the hair a natural transition into a lighter shade. Unlike ombre, Balayage will still have remnants of darker hair color on the bottom. At Aqua Hair Extensions we offer 4 different Balayage color combinations: Whether you want highlights or lowlights, Aqua Hair Extensions can and will take care of your needs. Make an appointment with one of our expert hairstylists to bring your new look to life.

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