How Long Do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

With the growing popularity of tape in hair extensions, many clients are wondering how long do tape in hair extensions last? Officially, the hair extensions should last between 4-6 month.
The longevity of the hair extensions ultimately depends on the lifestyle and the maintenance done by the client. The client should go back to the salon every 6-8 weeks where the hair extensions were installed to re-tape them. This service can be done up to three times before a new set is needed. Aqua Hair Extensions tape is made in the United States, which guarantees the longevity and durability of the tape. Many hair extensions companies use different types of tape, which are not intended to be used on hair and will not last.
tape in hair extensionsThe fact that the tape is made locally makes it more reliable, and guarantees higher quality control. Aqua Tape-in Hair Extensions don’t require additional glues, waxes or heat.
To ensure the extensions are installed properly, visit salons that already offer hair extensions. Going to an Aqua Certified salon will guarantee that the salon is using high-quality hair extensions, and products.


The hair was not properly prepared for the hair extensions service by using our prep-shampoo. Hair that is not properly washed before application contains oil and build up, which can cause the extensions to slip. Same goes for clients with naturally oily hair- they should be advised to wash their roots carefully with our shampoo.
Be sure the client waits 48 hours before they first wash their hair after the hair extension application. Waiting forty-eight hours will make sure that tape has bound to the hair properly.
Often times, there might be a problem with the way the extensions were installed. For instance, there might've been too much hair between the two pieces of tape. This doesn't allow the tape to hold onto the hair as well. Even something as simple as touching the tape too much before installation or using products with a high alcohol content (such as hairspray) can cause premature slippage. As a hairstylist, it's important to be well educated on the application process, as well as aftercare. It's also crucial to tell your clients to note what products they're using and how they're maintaining their extensions.

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