Things Hair Stylists should Tell their Clients

Dear Hair stylists, clients should be well-informed before taking the plunge into the world of hair extensions. Your job as a stylist is to make sure they know of the different systems available to them, and there pros and cons. You should also ask about their lifestyle, hair type, and budget. This way you can both decide on the best course of action.


As professional hair stylists, your clients come to you for guidance and place their trust in your ability to help bring their hair dreams come to life. When a client comes to you with questions, it's important to take notes in order to help them pick the right hair extension system that's right for them. First, ask your client about their lifestyle, hair type, and budget. Then you can begin educating your client on the different types of Hair Extensions systems, and which you might recommend so they can begin to make an informed decision. Hair Extensions Specialist Aqua Hair Extensions offers: • Clip-Ins • Tape-Ins • Keratin Fusion • Cylinder Fusion


Is your client is an active person? Do they love ponytails? What is their haircare routine like? These are things you should know in order to install the hair extension in a way that is manageable for your client. For example, keeping the bonds away from the ears or the edges of their hair if they like to put their hair up. The last thing your client would want is for the application to show.
An informed client is not only a happy client but also a client that is likely to place their trust with you. They'll be bound to come see you again for their extension maintenance, if they've had a good experience.


Hair looks best when it is customized to fit the client. That means the hair is cut and styled to perfectly blend with the clients' natural hair. Clients may not want you to cut their new hair, but it is important to let them know that you will not be removing length. Explain that this is crucial after applying fresh extensions


This is especially important if your client’s extensions are made with human hair. Inform your client that their hair needs to be conditioned are cared for just like their real hair. Warn them to be careful with blowouts and yanking because that isn’t good for their new extensions, and can cause breakage on their natural hair. They should also use heat protecting spray or cream before they add any heat to their hair. For more on Maintaining Aqua Hair Extensions Click Here. If you would like more information, call us at 1-866-638-3312.

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