2022 In Person


ADvanced certification

CAMO Method Masterclass


two classes in one

In-Person Weft Certification


CAMO Method Upcoming Class Dates:

*you need a free PRO Account and previous weft certification to book a class.

01-31-22 Alpharetta, GA SOLD OUT

01-31-22 Baton Rouge, LA SOLD OUT

02-28-22 Sterling VA SOLD OUT

02-28-22 Pittsburgh, PA SOLD OUT

03-14-22 Dublin, OH BOOK

03-21-22 Boise, ID BOOK

03-28-22 Grand Rapids, MI BOOK

04-11-22 Philadelphia, PA BOOK

04-25-22 Indianapolis, IN BOOK

06-13-22 Allentown, PA BOOK

Weft Upcoming Class Dates:

*you need a free PRO Account to book a class.

01-10-22 Pleasant, SC SOLD OUT

01-16-22 New Berlin, WI SOLD OUT

01-30-22 Baton Rouge, LA SOLD OUT

02-21-22 Dublin, OH BOOK

02-27-22 Pittsburgh, PA SOLD OUT

02-28-22 Grand Rapids, MI BOOK

02-28-22 Paradise Valley, AZ BOOK

02-28-22 Boise, ID BOOK

03-14-22 Orange, CA SOLD OUT

03-15-22 Murrieta, CA SOLD OUT

03-20-22 Scranton, PA BOOK

04-10-22 Philadelphia, PA BOOK

05-15-22 Harrisburg, PA BOOK

06-12-22 Allentown, PA BOOK

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