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Live Virtual Learning

We've adapted our hands-on learning classes to bring you the latest in Aqua Hair Extensions certification, our Live Virtual Learning sessions. 

Your tuition price includes our small personalized class training, in addition to our specially designed Aqua Class Kit for each system. You'll receive the Kit before your class, allowing you to get comfortable with your new tools. The tools you receive are the exact tools used for each method, giving you the experience you'll need and the confidence to grow your success.


• Personalized attention from our Artistic Director

• Live Q&A Session

• Not Pre-Recorded

• Full Intro Kit and e-certificate

• Listing in our Salon Directory and recognition as an Aqua Certified Stylist

Hand Tied Weft Certification

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions are one of the hottest trends on the market. The Hand-Tied weft is flat, flexible, and lays close to the clients’ scalp giving a more natural look. This complex application provides a versatile extension application that can be styled exactly like your natural hair.

The length, volume, and dimension added by Hand Tied Weft extensions allow you to create the perfect look and feel for your client.

Class Length: 6 hours

Price: $350

Class Size: 10 max

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Tape In Certification

This class is designed to teach you one of the most popular hair extensions systems in the industry. Empower your business by taking your skills to the next level with our Tape-In Hair Extensions class. Tape-In Hair Extensions, when applied correctly, can be applied within an hour and a half.

Tape-In Hair Extensions are quick to apply, easy to maintain, and provide the results your clients are looking for.

Class Length: 4 hours

Price: $99

Class Size: 12 max

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Keratin Fusion Certification

Pre-tipped for easy application and removal, Keratin Fusion Extensions will allow you to provide clients with the look and feel they’ve always dreamed of. The Keratin bond at the tip of this strand by strand system is used to bond the extension to the natural hair using our Fusion Gun.

In this class, you will learn the art of adding length, volume, and dimension with this iconic strand by strand system.

Class Length: 6 hours

Price: $249

Class Size: 10 max

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Online Video Training

Do you find yourself needing a refresher, or do you prefer watching at your own pace?

Our Pre-Recorded Training gives you the opportunity to get the training you need, on your own schedule. 

Benefits of our Online Video Trainings

• Learn at your own pace

• Instant Access!

• Covers everything you need to know for each system

• Listing in our Salon Directory

• Freedom to purchase a Starter Kit or just the tools you need.

Hand Tied Weft Training

Class Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $99

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Keratin Fusion Training

Class Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $49.95

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Cylinder I Tip Training

Class Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $49.95

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