6 Reasons Microfiber Towels are Better for Salon Businesses

Microbifer salon towel

Swapping regular cotton towels for microfiber hair towels has more benefits for salon owners than may realize. Along with being environmentally friendly, much more absorbent, and having a higher quality look and feel, they’re also better for your business' bottom line. 

How can microfiber towels for drying hair can save you money? Here are six salon cost-saving reasons to make the move to microfiber…

Shorter blow dry times

The secret to microfiber's wondrous drying capabilities lie in the fibers. The synthetic fibers in microfiber towels are tiny - really tiny. The width of each is a fifth as wide as a strand of a human hair. Because these fibers are so tiny, it means that more can be packed into a smaller space than compared to regular cotton towels. The ability of these fibers to be back packed so densely dramatically increases how absorbent these hair towels are.

This super-absorbance means that hair dries far faster when wrapped around damp hair. This in turn means that blow drying take less time and clients are out of the chair more quickly. Hairstylists can service more clients and whether your salon operates in commission or booth rental, means more revenue for both stylists and salon owners. 

Longer lasting material 

Microfiber lasts a lot longer than old-school, standard cotton. Microfiber towels don't pill or shed and can last up to 5 years and up to 500 washes. Cha-ching! Since they don't need to be replaced as frequently as other towels for salons, investing in higher-end microfiber towels will save salons money in the long term. 

To help your microfiber towels last as long as possible avoid washing them in hot water - use warm instead. Skip on the fabric softener, this fabric doesn't require it to stay soft. Plus, fabric softener actually creates a coating that would reduce it's absorbency. Because of it's unique fiber makeup, it's highly recommended that microfiber is washed separately from other materials

Fewer styling products needed

Microfiber is so much more absorbent that there's no need to rub the hair during the drying process. Unlike cotton towels, fibers naturally pull moisture from surfaces and therefore don't require fiction to pull out the water from the hair. 

As a result, microfiber towels cause significantly less breakage. How does that save salons money? Eliminating vigorous rubbing prevents the cuticles from being roughed up and disturbed (i.e. won't create frizz). This is something that standard towels can't promise. Less frizz means less need for anti-frizz products... and less product costs that would otherwise eat into your profits.

Lower laundering costs

Cotton towels are bulky and heavy. If you have a salon full of them you may need to do several loads in order to launder them all. They require hotter temperatures, more water, and longer drying periods which means more money spent on utilities per load. Unlike microfiber, cotton picks up lint which can clog a dryer, the buildup of which could put a dryer at risk of malfunctioning.

Microfiber towels, on the other hand are significantly smaller in size and can fit many more of them into a single load. Fewer loads of laundry spell out big savings in terms of water and electricity for salons over the course of a year. 

Save shelf space (to promote more products)

Smooth, sleek and far less bulky than standard towels, microfiber towels take up a lot less space. If your salon is tight on space, making the switch to microfiber is a no brainer. This will prevent salon owners from needing to buy additional means of storage and help prevent clutter in a crowded backbar. 

Having more shelf and storage space also comes with an indirect money making opportunity. On the individual shelves themselves, compact microfiber towels allow for room to display products available to sell. Or, you might fight yourself with the potential to replace your towel cupboards with another chair to service more clients.

A better client experience for more repeat customers

It can be the little touches that all add up to the greater sum of providing a luxury experience to clients. With it comes more return customers and the ability to charge higher rates. The luxury feel of the super soft microfiber towels is an easy way to enhance your client's salon experience. Plus, the shorter drying time will likely have them out of the chair and on their way faster than usual which is always a plus. 

Switching to microfibers towels is change that salon owners, stylists, and their clients will enjoy. Ditch your crusty cotton towels today and get your hands on a sumptuously soft 3-pack of Aqua Hair Extensions Microfiber Towels - your wallets will thank you. 

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