Aqua Hair Extensions wins Beauty Launchpad 2020 Award for Best Bonded Extensions

Lots to Celebrate

We're excited to announce.... we won!

Aqua Hair Extensions was selected as one of three winners for the Bonded Extensions category this year, in 2020. 

We are so beyond thrilled to be recognized for the quality of our Keratin Fusion extensions. Keratin Fusion was the second professional system we introduced back in 2012, after our Cylinder I Tip. It quickly became our most popular system for the quality of the Keratin bonded tip, which uses Italian Keratin. It can be easily cut to create microbonds for even the finest hair densities.

Stylists all over the US have continued to appreciate the ease in which the bond breaks during the removal process. The removal process can be tiresome for clients, however we've formulated the bond to be easy to remove, causing no damage to your client's hair. Stylists also feel good about recommending this system because it gives their clients the flexibility to choose from so many color options. Our Keratin Fusion extensions come in Natural, Balayage, Ombré, Duo Tone, and Crazy Colors

This professional system also gives your client the most movement, gives you easy blending and highlighting options, and is the most suitable for clients who like a longer wear time for their extensions. 

Done right, this system will cause no damage, and will even promote natural growth for your client's hair. 

Thanks to the readers of Beauty Launchpad for voting us, we're so honored to be recognized by all of you!

You can view all of the Beauty Launchpad 2020 winners here. 

Peep this short video below showcasing some installation tips for Keratin Fusion Extensions:

Aqua Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion on IG:

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