How Chlorine Effects Hair Extensions

What effects does chlorine have on hair extensions?

Chlorine can cause Aqua Hair Extensions to become dry, brittle, matted, or dull. Just like your natural hair, chlorine can also cause hair extensions to change color, especially with our lighter tones. Color changes to our extensions can happen almost instantly and, in most cases, is a permanent effect of chlorine exposure.


Which colors of extensions are the most susceptible to changing color?

Aqua Hair Extensions Blonde Color SwatchesAll of Aqua's blondes are the most susceptible to color changes, such as the following natural tones: #16, #22, #24, #60, #62, and #613. Our Balayage, Ombré, and Rooted Collections that may include combinations of these colors are sensitive to color changes as well. Don't forget, chlorine may show color change on blondes, but it can also fade the color of our browns, reds, and crazy colors too!


What can I do to prevent chlorine damage to my Aqua hair extensions?

Always tie your hair up in a bun and, if possible, prevent your hair extensions from getting wet. If you know without a doubt that you are going to get your hair wet, make sure that you soak it with natural, unchlorinated water first to prevent the hair from absorbing the chlorine.

Note: When possible, opt for soft water, not hard water.


How should I prepare my extensions before exposing them to chlorine?

Aqua Hair Extensions' Leave-In Conditioner can be used as a pre-chlorine treatment to keep the hair conditioned. Proper preparation begins with tying your hair in a ponytail (or bun) to keep most of it out of the water.


Aqua Wet Line for Chlorine Exposure

How soon do I need to wash my extensions after swimming in chlorinated water?

As soon as you can, you should wash your hair with Aqua Hair Extensions' Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse your natural hair and extensions of all chlorine and to restore moisture.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent the effects of chlorine?

Always keep your hair hydrated. The Aqua Hair Extensions Hair Mask is designed to revitalize and hydrate, and will also prevent the absorption of future chlorine and other harmful chemicals.




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