Hybrid Installs - The Ultimate Customization

Hybrid installs come in lots of forms but how do you know when your client needs it?

What challenges does your client have with their natural hair or extensions? Is it that they can’t get the front to lay correctly when they style? Do they have a bad cowlick in the back of their head that makes it hard to hide the extensions? Do they want to switch their color a lot but their natural hair can’t handle the chemical change anymore? If the answer is yes to any of these your client could benefit from a hybrid install using two methods can help with placement and protecting the natural hair so it has time to get healthy before coloring it again.

How do I price a hybrid service?

It’s hard to say for sure because there are a lot of factors that come into play but you should be charging for the extra time needed, your expertise because you have taken time to customize the extensions to your client and any product costs that are associated.

Create a better relationship with your client.

Make sure you explain to your client why you are recommending the hybrid install and walk them through why it will work better for them. They will trust you more and be grateful you took the time to make their look even better!

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