Itchy scalp?

If your client is experiencing itchy scalp there’s a few reasons this can be happening. Most are simple fixes and adjustments you can try. Some reasons could be:

-Product build up under the extension.

-Improper install too little hair in section or crosshairs.

-The Mustache” on the weft.

-The weight of the extension.

So what can we do?

If its product buildup -underneath try showing your client how to properly wash the extensions at home. Go through and show them how to separate their hair so they can get the shampoo under the extensions. Then show them how to properly rinse it out. Separate the hair again and rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse.  Then apply conditioner from the ends working it up and avoiding the bond.

Improper install- make sure to check your work as you are going and take your time. Check for clean partings, proper section sizes and shape, correct placement that goes with the direction of the natural hair growth.

Mustache - the mustache is the return of the hair on the weft and tied the hair to the top. Our Q-weft does not have this so that might be a better option for somebody who is having sensitivity that wont go away. You can also try to flip the weft to try and make it more comfortable.

The weight- The weight is so important to look at prior to application but it also could be something you have to adjust if your client is getting headaches or their experiencing breakage it could be too heavy for their texture and section sizing.

There are always different factors depending on each situation but this should help give you some ideas of what the problem could be. Most things are adjustable and can be customized to yours or your clients needs. As always if you have questions or concerns get a hold of us or our educator for help.

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