Top Reasons Why every Salon should offer Hair Extensions

Why every salon should offer hair extensions
Here are the main reasons why any licensed hairstylist or salon owner should think about offering Aqua tape-in hair extensions:

Getting Hair ExtensionsReasons to Offer Hair Extensions

* Tape-In Hair Extensions are the fastest growing service in salons. The demand from clients is growing rapidly as well. * Salons are charging between $100-$150 per hour for tape-in hair extensions installation. * The client is coming back to the salon every 6-8 weeks for a re-taping service, which provides the option for additional revenue and upselling other services/products. * You can learn how to apply tape-in hair extensions in one class. The certification class takes about 3-4 hours and will cover everything you need to know. If there is no certification class in your area, you can always get certified using Aqua Hair Extensions online certification course. * Application of full head of hair extensions takes less than one hour. The tape-in hair extensions is the fastest system to apply a full head. * Aqua Hair Extensions tape-in hair extensions are the most cost effective on the market. Aqua Hair Extensions are priced competitively and below market average. * Tape-in hair extensions are re-usable up to three times so your client doesn’t have to buy hair every time. * Tape-in hair extensions do not damage the hair. Any damage can only happen if the client does not correctly maintain the hair extensions or by wrong application/removal of the extensions.

Why you should Offer Hair Extensions

When you begin to offer hair extensions through your salon you are providing options. People don't want to go to the salon to conform to the idea of what somebody wants. They go because they want to reclaim their independence and identity. By providing more ways for people to express themselves you are universally increasing products and productivity.

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