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  • Each session is 1 hour long, and will cover a variety of topics, all featuring AQUA Hair Extensions.

  • Great for beginners or total extension pros, we'll cover the basics and in-depth techniques.

  • Learn key details about each of our 5 professional systems along with other professional hair stylists, in an open and welcoming education series.

  • Have a chance to win exclusive and limited goodies through the series.

  • Q&A Follow Up Sessions to answer all of your questions from the live events.

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Samantha Sharpless, Artistic Director

Samantha will be your host for World of Aqua 2021, Education Series. 

With nearly 15 years in the industry, and the owner of VIVO Beauty Bar in Ohio, Samantha has a true passion for hair extensions and the limitless transformation they can produce. Samantha’s passion and vision have earned her a prestigious place in the AQUA family as our Artistic Director. 

Her constant willingness to grow and transform herself in and out of the industry, shines bright through the fun, creative energy she brings. She loves to share her passion and knowledge with other stylists. 

“I have the privilege of being a part of the best industry in the world, who’s else can say they make people look and feel beautiful every day? So instead of competing with one another, why not learn from each other and grow together. ”

We couldn’t have said it better!



No, these live events are all complimentary.

You can view World of Aqua on Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Register to get more info on how to watch each of the Series live events.

Our World of Aqua Education Series is a series of 10 complimentary 1 hour sessions with our very own AQUA Artistic Director, Samantha Sharpless.

Video access will be available to anyone who registered for the events.

The start times are as follows:

Eastern Standard Time: 12pm

Central Standard Time:11am

Mountain Standard Time: 10am

Pacific Standard Time: 9am

Samantha Sharpless, our AQUA Artistic Director, will be hosting the Education Series.

Each Session will cover specific topics, and will be presented to you via live stream. You'll be able to ask questions from our moderators, however if your question is not answered, we have a World of Aqua Facebook Group you can join.

Each Education session will be followed up by a Q&A session that will be made available.

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Videos will be posted exclusively in our World of Aqua 2021 facebook group, and sent via email to anyone who registers on our Eventbrite page. The best way to get updates about when the videos will be posted for viewing is Registering.