Applying Single Side Tape Hair Extensions

As a hairstylist who offers tape-in hair extensions, the single side tape gives us more flexibility on the client’s hair. Single side tape makes it possible to use only on tape hair extensions piece per section instead of two. With the single side tape method, one hair extension is placed on the top of the client’s section and a piece of single side tape is placed at the bottom, replacing the second tape hair extensions piece.

Single Side Tape Hair Extensions

Single Side Tape Hair Extensions are the best way to keep your hair luxurious and luscious while also being manageable. Single side tape works great for client’s with fine and thin hair. It is also great when you apply it on the sides of the client’s hair where there is not a lot of hair. Single Side Tape Hair ExtensionsPlacing the first tape on the hair When the hairstylist is placing the first tape on the hair, the amount grabbed by the tape is right amount needed for the application. The single side tape will be placed at the bottom of the section to support the first piece. The sticky part of the single side tape Do not touch the sticky part of the single side tape with your hands so the oils from your hand will not stick to the single side tape. Pressure Use pressure to seal the tape hair extensions piece and the single side. We recommend that the client not wash the hair for the first 48 hours to make sure that the tape is attaching to the hair. Our single side tape has 36 pieces per packs and is made in the USA.

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