Aqua Hair Extensions Removers

Tape-In hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions services on the market. Everyone from beginners to experts recommends them, because they can have the stability of keratin with the ease of clip ins. One of the drawbacks that some experience when using some brands of Tape-Ins are the adhesives. While Aqua features medical-grade tape-In hair without damaging adhesion materials, we also offer hair extension removers that makes removing the extensions much easier.

Our Tape-In Hair Extension Removers

Both of our remover solutions are made with oil and alcohol, and can be used on Tape-Ins. Our competitors create products that use acetone which is damaging to the hair follicles and can cause long term damage. Our compound, however, has a synergy between the cutting properties of alcohol and the absorbing capabilities of oil. This lets the solution naturally break down the adhesive, which is then easily washed out. There are no better Tape-In hair extension removers on the market than the ones we provide at Aqua.

Aqua Hair Extensions Removers

The Glide Remover – The glide remover is mainly an oil based solution. This is only meant for Tape-In extension removal, and doesn’t work with other hair extensions such as Keratin Fusion. It will require the stylist to use our Prep Shampoo before applying re-tape or moving Tape In Extensions up.

Glide Remover


The Express Remover – The express remover is the best choice for extension remover products. Coming in 8oz, this remover works with both Tape-In and Keratin Fusion hair extensions. 


Express Remover


Aqua Hair Extensions

Aqua provides the best hair extensions products and services on the market. Not only do we provide the best 100% Remy human hair extensions in Clip-in, Tape-In, Micro Bead, and Keratin Fusion; but we also provide various styles such as balayage, ombre, duo tone, and crazy colors! We have a wide range of accessories that increase the longevity of the hair extensions and offer both in-person and online hair extension certifications by Brent Hardgrave. If you would like to know more, please contact us today!

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