Aqua Hair Extensions Proprietary Two Step Technology

Our Two Step Technology

Our two step technology is unlike any other in the industry and sets our hair apart. Before I explain, it's first helpful to understand what an individual hair strand looks like.

Hair has three layers! The cuticle layer, the cortex, and the medulla. The two that are important are the first two.

The cuticle layer looks like a scale that covers the strand it helps to protect it. It can open and close easily with heat, chemicals, some shampoos, and changes in PH levels.  Now in the world of extensions the cuticle layer is very important. Have you heard the term Remy? Remy means the hair is cut in a way that the cuticle is running all in the same direction with the cuticle intact. If the cuticle is not running in the same direction the hair will get caught and tangled on each there because as the cuticle opens and closes the scales get tangled in each other.  This poses a problem for some extension companies but not ours. Some companies will try to melt off the cuticle layer, some will mix synthetic hair or even try to coat the hair with a wax coating.  The problem with these methods is that it is not guaranteed to be ethically sourced, it will mess with the integrity and longevity of the extensions. We do things differently.

The next layer is the cortex layer of the hair; this is where color lives. Natural pigment lives in this layer and can be altered with chemicals that will raise the cuticle layer in order to get to these color molecules.

Let’s get back to when I said we do things differently. From the start of getting the hair these cuts are ethically sourced and compensation is made to attain the hair. As I explained earlier, Remy hair means the cuticle all goes in one direction so to be 100% sure of this the hair is first put into ponytails and cut above them. This guarantees the hair is Remy and it’s never being stolen or swept up.

Once we have the hair we begin our two step process on the hair. The first step is our 12 hour Nutrient rich protein bath. This makes sure the hair is hydrated and fully healthy to color them. The protein guarantees that the hair will last and be strong. The second step in our two step technology is how we color the hair. We take 21 days to lift the hair to the desired shade. The low and slow process helps make sure the hair is in prime condition and has shine that will last. The cuticle layer is intact and ready to be worn. Industry standard for coloring extensions is 3 days! This is way too fast and will result in damage and a shortened lifespan of the extensions. The cortex layer is where the color molecules live which means you have to first lift the cuticle layer to penetrate into the context layer. So with our slow 21 day lifting process there is no damage because we take pride in taking our time to maintain the integrity of the hair.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about what we do at Aqua and the quality difference in our hair that you can feel and see.

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