The KEY to longevity and quality of your hair extensions

Aqua prides itself on proving what you need in order to get the longevity and quality out of yours and your clients  hair extensions.  Aqua Hair Extensions’ Leave-In conditioner is a staple to caring for extensions and maintaining the great quality they come with. It is formulated to hydrate, de-tangle, and fight frizz. With added UV and heat protection, it also works to restore dry and damaged hair for all clients experiencing dryness or damage from color or other factors. 
This is a good product to use year around but is absolutely essential if you are out in the sun or swimming. The added UV and Heat Protectant help keep your cuticle filled with protection and the nutrients it needs to survive the elements. Have you ever gone into the ocean and when you get out and your hair feels “crunchy” (for lack of a better word)?

So there’s a reason for that! Each individual hair strand is composed or three layers:

The cuticle layer- this is the outermost layer of each hair strand and it protects the other layers. It is like a scale that opens and closes letting moisture in or out.
The cortex layer- this is where all your natural color pigment sits along with moisture and nutrients that it needs. This is the most vital layer to keep healthy especially if you want your color to last.
The medulla- inner most layer of the hair doesn't effect too much but it’s there. 
So back to the ocean and that crunchy feeling! The salt in the ocean sucks the moisture out and replaces it with the salt in the water. Similar to how swimming in a chlorinated pool can discolor your hair. The cuticle layer alone is not going to protect it from harsh elements like that. Damage to the cuticle layer can happen from friction, heat, or harsh chemicals like chlorine. It’s ok though don’t worry we have a solution! The Leave In Conditioner.

We recommend if you are planning on going in water that is not filtered you first get your hair wet with filtered water and then spray the leave in throughout your hair. What this will do is fill the cuticle with proper moisture and protection blocking out UV rays and harsh chemicals. For example if you get a sponge wet, and then try to absorb something else that spilled on the counter it won’t absorb any of it. Same goes if your cuticle layer is properly filled with the right moisture and protection. 
You don’t have to be spending the day swimming to use this though. It’s a great way to refresh your hair throughout the day if it starts to feel dry, or if you are using any styling tools. It’s a great everyday product to have on hand. 

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