Reasons Why Everyone's Obsessing Over Our New! Q-Weft Hair Extensions

Are you a Hand Tied Weft extensions lover? If so, you’ll love our new Q-Weft Hair Extensions system!


Q-Weft extensions (known as Micro Weft or Genius Weft) has a combination of similar qualities as both Hand Tied Weft and Machine Weft extensions. They're the perfect option if you want a finer and more durable alternative to the already great Hand Tied Weft



One of the best attributes of this system is its seamless installation. Because of it's fineness, they lay perfectly flat to the scalp for a more comfortable feel. Also, they can be cut anywhere to customize to the width of your guest's head without any chances of weft unraveling similar to our Machine Weft Extensions. It can be installed with our Weft and/or CAMO method to get the same flawless results. 


Don’t compromise durability for flexibility, Q-Weft will enhance your client’s natural look, giving you the best of both worlds. Isn’t it amazing? Start 2023 with our thinnest, more durable system yet. You can find your new favorite Q-Weft system in more than 25 colors, coming January 2023. Available in 18in (60g) and 22in (65g), you’ll be amazed at how many possibilities are available with Q-Weft. Give your guests the perfect experience while offering the best quality!

Aqua Weft Extensions



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