Are your Hair Extensions Slipping?

Are Your Hair Extensions Slipping? Nothing can make you go from being the commander of the room to the queen of gloom quite like a falling out extension. Although it's not a common occurrence, there are a few reasons why this could happen.

Help! my extensions are falling out!

Hair extensions slipping
Tape-Ins & Keratin Fusion – Always wash the hair 1-3 times with our Prep Shampoo, and thoroughly dry the hair before the application process. During the application process, make sure you're putting an appropriate amount of hair between the tapes. Too much hair can cause slippage, while too little can cause breakage. We recommend using our application method of placing the top tab first; this guarantees you'll always have the perfect amount of hair. Make sure your client waits 48 hours after the application, before washing their hair. Avoid conditioning around the bonds as it can sometimes cause slippage. Never use products containing alcohol (like hairspray) around the roots. Lastly, always brush the extensions starting from the ends. Clip-In – The main reason clips in fallout are because they're not properly attached. It's possible to clip in too much hair and cause the clip to open due to being overfilled. On the other hand, if your hair is too thin, try teasing your hair at the roots before applying the clip-ins. Cylinder – If you take too little hair and thread it through the microbead you will be causing too much strain on the hair, and the strands will break under the weight. Too much hair, and it can cause discomfort on the scalp.

Aqua Hair Extensions

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