The Art of the Extensions Consultation

One of the first things we are taught in Hair School, is the consultation. The importance of the extensions consultation and how as stylists we must advise our clients on all their options. When it comes to extensions consultations, there are typically three different types of consultation clients: Those who want hair extensions, those who think they want extensions and those guests who have NO CLUE that extensions are an option for them.

Extensions Consultation

Most clients probably have no clue that extensions are an option for them. It is our job as Extension specialists to always think of extensions as a solution to a guests' request. For instance, the woman whose hair is thinning on the sides, we can recommend extensions as ‘fillers’ to get the look she desires. The bride that wants more volume to create that perfect up-do for her special day. The young high school graduate who wants long, flowing hair for prom night. Or the guests who don't want to chemically treat their hair, yet would love to see some dimension or crazy color but are afraid of commitment. Every guest should be considered a candidate for extensions, even men! extensions consultation Some clients might come to you wanting extensions to help grow out a short haircut, or after receiving a damaging treatment or dye job. As hairstylists, it's your job to assess the current condition of the hair and see if extensions can assist. First, Is the hair long enough? We always recommend 3-4” of hair growth; the hair needs to be able to blended to make the look appear natural. How fragile is their hair? Will it be able to withstand the weight of a single side tape-in application? If there's a chance they can do more harm than good, then they are not a good candidate for extensions. During every extensions consultation, budget should always be a topic of conversation. Some guests think they want extensions only to find it's not in their current budget. This is why one of the first things you should find out is their price range. This will help give you an idea of what options are available for them.
Avoid adjusting your prices to meet their budget. Instead, recommend them which services they can afford that can accomplish some of their goals. For example, if they come in wanting thickness and length- tell them that achieving thickness is more practical for their budget.
Once you've established that hair extensions are right for your client, begin asking them what ‘look’ they're trying to achieve, their lifestyle and how they like to wear their hair. Discuss their daily routine; do they wear a ponytail? If so, how high? All these questions should help you determine which system (or systems) is right for them. Lastly, assess their head-shape to determine placement, and how many extensions you'll probably need.
It is recommended to order an extra pack of extensions. It's better to have extra hair, than not enough!

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