Hair color appointments in between maintenance appointments

Got roots and extensions?

Maintenance in between moving your extensions up can be intimidating at first because you want everything to blend and not worry about gray showing. Don’t worry though there are solutions and ways to maintain your color. Without ruining your extensions.

The first step is figuring out what is important. If your have grays you may just need your roots done. But what about the extensions? Have your stylist only focus on what is being seen at the top!  If you wear your hair up you might have to go along your hair line too. The interior sections of your hair wont be seen because your extensions cover it. Perfect!

Why though?

You might be wondering, if it’s real hair why can’t i just put the color on the extensions and at the top of the extensions where it’s bonded to the natural hair? Valid question! The hair is real and you actually can color it but we only recommend doing it with deposit only colors. Anything besides deposit only will open and break down the cuticle of the hair. Ultimately shortening the lifespan and bringing down the overall integrity of the hair. At Aqua we put the hair through our one of a kind Two Step Technology (ill talk more about this next week) which is our way of protecting and filling the cuticle so it lasts and makes the hair such great quality.

What is Deposit only color?

Deposit only color sits on the outermost layer of the cuticle. So it helps seal and protect it. Over time it will wash away and is not considered a permanent color. Some examples of deposit only are color shampoo, some toners, and direct dyes. These are extension safe.

So whats the difference?

When you go in between an extension maintenance appointment for gray coverage/ root touch up most of the time you or your stylist will use a developer that is stronger than deposit only. This means it wont sit on the outside layer of your hair it will penetrate into the hair strand. This is what is considered permanent color. When this happens the hair swells and heats up to the color molecules can hold onto the hair.

This amazing chemical reaction is wonderful for hair and for everyone who wants to have a different color then their natural hair. However if this was to happen on the extensions or at the bonding area of the extension it can cause irreversible damage.
If the color was to get stuck in the beads it could over process and cause breakage. If it were to get on tape in extensions it could break down the tape and cause slippage.

Only focusing on the top

The top section will help hide anything that is underneath and may help your natural hair restore itself. If you aren’t chemically altering it it makes a big difference in the overall health of it. A lot of clients have reported how much faster their natural hair grew because of having extensions to not only not have to color it but also not use as much heat on it.

Make a plan!

Talk to your stylist/ client about what you think would be best to keep your color and extensions both maintained and healthy. for example if you have highlights you may only need to do a full foil every six months to get the blend you are looking for with the help of the extensions.  So make sure you talk about it during your consultation because that will help with overall cost and creating a budget for you or your client.

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