What to Look for in a Hair Extension Kit

You want to start offering hair extension in your salon, but don't know where to even begin? Learn how the hair extension kit will help you apply the hair extensions the right way!
Cylinder Intro KitYou are aware that there are different tools and accessories that you need to get the job done correctly, but what are you supposed to buy? The answer to your questions is a hair extension kit, which should have all of the things that you need to apply the hair extensions. The hair extension kit should include several key components for a successful application but keep in mind; there are different extensions that you can apply and for each individual type of extension, various supplies are needed. These are the things to look for in the three top hair extension kits.

Cylinder Hair Extension Kit

These extensions are easy to put in and take out. These extensions can be applied to achieve greater volume and length for your hair. With this type of extension, you should be careful when using conditioner, so slipping of the extension does not occur. These extensions will need to be retightened every couple of months or so. This extension should last for four months. A Cylinder Hair Extension Kit (some stylists call them I-tip hair extensions or Beaded hair extensions) should include the following:

Tape-In Intro KitTape-in Hair Extension Kit

Tape-in Hair Extensions are mainly used for volume and thickness. These extensions can be installed in a short amount of time. The extensions should be removed every six to eight weeks and reinstalled, so Glide Remover and Express Remover are a must! Heavy conditioners and oils can cause slipping so be cautious when using those products. Since our Shampoos and Conditioners are made especially for our extensions, we highly recommend getting your clients to use them to extend the longevity of the hair. If you want to reuse extensions several times without having to order new ones, this is the extension kit for you. With a pack of Single and Re-Tape Tabs included, you can try all our tape fist-hand and be prepared for your first re-taping session! Keratin Fusion Intro Kit

Keratin Fusion Extension Kit

A keratin fusion kit is used on individual keratin bonds. These extensions are good for those who do not want to maintain the extensions too much and are looking for volume and length. You can treat these extensions as if it was your own hair. These extensions last for about four months but are usually the more costly ones. A Keratin fusion hair extension kit should include the following:

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