Why Wear Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Now that summertime is here, you’re going to want to look your absolute best for all the fabulous beach parties, vacations, outdoor events.

Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

So, let’s get you ready for your new summer look. To start off, we recommend getting our Tape-In hair extensions. Our Tape-In hair extensions are much easier to wear and maintain compared to our other systems. If that’s not convincing enough, we’ve got a few more reasons for you to make the switch.

REASON #1: VISIBILITY18 Inch Balayage 18/22 Straight Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-In hair extensions are the perfect hair extensions for the summer. Why, you ask? Well, to start off they’re invisible. The strong, non-damaging tape will lay flat on your head so each extension blends in with your natural hair. If your hair is wet or in a ponytail, the hair extensions will not be seen. They seamlessly blend into your hair whether it's wet or dry.


Believe it or not, Tape-Ins extensions are lightweight. In comparison, clipped-in hair extensions are heavy and they do not lie flat on the head. Tape-in hair extensions are less bulky and the tape makes each weft much lighter. Especially since we offer single-side tape, which means less hair concentrated by the scalp. Overall, it's more comfortable and breathable!


Tape-In human hair extensions go hand-in-hand with summer activities. Think about it: It’s hot, you’re active, the humidity is high and you’re sweating more than usual. Now, picture having hair extensions that are unaffected by sweat or water. You can swim, dive, soak under a waterfall or even surf and your tape-in hair extensions will still remain intact. Rain or shine, your hair will keep its luster.


The best part about Tape-In hair extensions is that they're reusable. You can re-tape any weft of hair for up to a year- not exceeding more than three times of use. When maintained properly, they will continue to look and feel like new!

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