What is Colorombre?

One of the biggest trends in salons right now is the Colorombre. While this illustrious look may dazzle onlookers and leave jaws properly unhinged, there is a lot of talk about when it comes to Colorombres. Luckily, Aqua has the inside scoop to define Colorombre and where it came from.

Colorombre, what is it?

Fantasy color extensions
Colorombre was first reported July of 2015 as an emerging style, but now it’s hitting an all-time high. Colorombre is exactly what it sounds like, it’s an ombre style of hair but with vibrant colors. The ombre is recognized by its gradual change in color. A common ombre would be taking brown hair and evolving it to blonde. However, with Colorombre, you take a vibrant color and make it even more vibrant. For example, one of the first pictures of Colorombre was taking pink roots to white tips with purple in between.

Where can I find Colorombre?

It's all about expressing yourself and about finding the colors that define you. Instead of manufacturing hundreds of different combinations, we suggest doing it yourself. By using platinum (613) hair extensions, you have quality aqua hair extensions that make coloring the easiest.
613 Platinum Hair Extensions
#613 Platinum

How to Create Colorombre?

By using our 613 hair extensions, you can color the hair extensions using the typical way of dying hair (no lifting and always remember to do a strand test to observe the results). Find two to three different colors that you think will work, then dye the colors in a pattern that looks best to you! After dying the hair and letting it air dry instead of blow dry, install the hair extensions into the hair of your customer and watch their amazement!

Aqua Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions loves seeing emerging styles that show people’s true colors. Hair extensions and the renaissance of unique styles are a great way to express yourself. If you would like to know more about our extensions or tips about proper hair extension certification, contact us today! Phone: 1 (866) 638-3312 Email: cs@aquahairextensions.com

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