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Balayage involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair in a way that mimics the way the sun naturally lightens hair. This technique focuses on creating depth and dimension by incorporating both lighter and darker shades. This technique includes 30% dark color at the root, 40% blended color throughout the length, and 30% light color on the ends.


The rooted color technique, also known as "rooted" or "shadow root," involves intentionally leaving the roots of the hair darker than the rest of the hair, creating a natural-looking shadow or root growth effect. This includes 2-3 inches darker color section at the top of the hair extension (depending on the length of extensions), near the application point.


The ombré color technique involves a distinct transition from darker roots to lighter ends, creating a gradient effect. Ombré hair extensions include 50% dark color at the root, 10% transition color, and 40% of the light color at the ends.