Looking for Aqua Hair Extensions Classes or Professional Certification?

With AQUA, you get more than just a method.

When you shop around for extension education, are you just looking for a method?

Or are you looking for an established company to stand behind you?

We get this question a lot, how are you different from this method, or that method?

The truth is...

we designed our hand tied weft method, the AQUA Beaded Row Application, based on the collective experience of our National Educators (who are all experienced and successful practicing extensionists)

and the focus on your guest's hair health.

As our National Educators always say, hair should live where it grows. This is going to ensure hair health is a top priority.

Are you looking for a partner?

We've stood behind our stylists for the last 10 plus years.

We're here to stay, and we're here to help you thrive and grow your extension business.

Not because we say we will... but because we've already done it for so many stylists like yourself.

We've offered real support when you've needed it most - overnighting orders after cut off times, color matching, troubleshooting issues.... we've done it all.

And we'll continue to do it, because we love supporting your dreams. Our family-run business is powered by them!

Real Live Education

All of our certifications are taught by one of our National Educators, and they are right there with you as you listen, learn, and practice during the class.

We want to be totally honest... extension certification is best learned live and in person. But the next best thing is our live virtual certifications. As it becomes safer to host in-person classes,

we will begin offering in-person classes near you.

With each certification class, you'll receive a class kit, full of real extension tools you're going to use after the class.

You'll be set up for success right away, and you'll continue to practice using those tools.

You'll also have access to our Certified Stylists community on Facebook, a thriving and inclusive community that is there to support you without judgement.

The support continues long after you take a class, as we're always here for you to troubleshoot or get on a call with an educator if you need extra guidance.

We'll be launching a robust AQUA education library of short videos to support you as you need a quick refresher, and you'll always have access to our online overviews - we'll gladly offer you access!

Where should AQUA come next?

Have you been looking for a hair extension certification class near you? 

For Hand Tied Wefts, we teach the AQUA beaded row method, the safest and healthiest method for your guest. 

All of our Hair Extension methods are safe for your guest's hair, as hair health is our top priority. 

Our Expert Education matches the 100% QUALITY Human Hair Extensions. We support stylists through Education and Excellent Customer Service.