AQUA Weft In-Person Certification

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Have you been wanting to offer this exciting service to your clients? You're in the right place!

At AQUA, we don't just teach a method, we give you the tools to feel confident and feel supported. Being able to do this professional service properly is only half of the picture.

What happens after your client goes home? How do you schedule their color touch ups as part of their hair extension maintenance? How do you teach them proper brushing? All of these things are part of your education with AQUA.

We're here to support you with your professional hair extension journey, well after you take this class. Our AQUA Certified Stylists community is there for you when you're just getting started, and as you grow your hair extension portfolio into other methods that compliment your services.

Not being limited to one method means you can use all the tools available to give your client the results they're looking for, perfectly tailored to them.

Professional Extension Certification with AQUA is your door to personal fulfillment, you just need to open it!

What you'll learn:

  • How to conduct a successful consultation with your guest

  • The AQUA Beaded Row Sewn Method

  • The AQUA Machine Weft Method
  • AQUA Product Knowledge

  • Application, placement, and removal of AQUA Hand Tied Wefts and AQUA Machine Wefts

  • How to increase longevity of your client's extensions through maintenance, touch ups, and other tips

  • How to price your service

What you'll get:

  • AQUA Weft Class Kit ($627 value)

  • E-Certificate 
  • Interactive, Hands-on 7 hour live IN PERSON certification class

  • Access to inclusive and supportive AQUA Certified Stylist community (join after the class via exclusive email invite)

  • Certified AQUA salon listing on our website

  • Lunch

Our Weft class kit (value $627) includes:

    • 3 bundles of Hand Tied Weft Extensions (Color Pre-Selected based on availability)

    • 10" of Machine Weft Extensions  (Color Pre-Selected based on availability)
    • NEW! AQUA Professional Color Ring ($165 value)

    • Deluxe Pliers

    • Stainless Steel Loop Tool

    • Silicone Beads (150 pcs)

    • Needle pack (2 pcs)

    • Cotton Thread (1 spool)

    • Nylon Thread (1 spool)

    • Small Scissors

    • Rat Tail Comb

    • Hair Grippers (2 pcs)

    • Single Prong Clips (5 pack) 

    • Mirror Cling

    • Window Cling

    • AQUA Luxury Tote Bag with detachable wristlet


Additional notes: Lunch will be provided. Mannequin and Tripod will be provided for use in the class. You will not need to bring them. 

Since 2008, Aqua Hair Extensions has been committed to supplying the beauty industry with the highest quality hair extensions at an affordable price. We believe that a product is only as good as the people who use it which is why we only sell to licensed professionals.

For over a decade, thousands of hairstylists, cosmetologists, and salon owners just like you have looked to Aqua Hair Extensions to transform their client’s hair. It's never been easier than ever to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking volume, length, or color.


Featuring six of the most cutting edge hair extensions systems in the industry, we help stylists like you find the perfect system for your client’s individual needs. When you order through our website, you have access to all five of our hair extension systems available in over 40 colors.

  • Hand Tied Weft
  • Machine Weft
  • Keratin Fusion
  • Cylinder
  • Tape In
  • Clip In


Our 100% Human Full Cuticle Remy hair extensions are treated with an advanced two-step hair technology process:

  1. Our hair extensions receive a lavish 12-hour soak that protects the hair cuticle during the lifting process.
  2. We give our extensions a slow and gentle 21-day color-lifting process to preserve their integrity

The results? Softer and visibly smoother hair extensions that are just as shiny and touchable after Day 1 as they are on Day 30.

Dedicated Support
1,000s of stylists depend on us for product availability, on-time delivery, and products that their clients love. We're there for you when you need us via chat, email or toll free support at 1-866-638-3312.

Reviews and Questions

Weft In Person FAQs

Yes! It does.

This class is 7 hours, including lunch.

10am in the local time zone.

Once you login, you'll be able to select a date with location description.

Once you login, you'll be able to view class locations and times.

No, this class is the Pre-Requisite for the CAMO Method Master Class.

Yes you do! You'll receive a printed certificate with your name at the end of the class.

No, you do not. We don't recommend any stylist to offer hair extension services without getting certified first. You only need a current active cosmetology license to register with AQUA to purchase our products.

Yes, you will learn about both hair systems and how to use them.

No, everything will be provided to you in the class, including a mannequin head and tripod to use in the class (not to be taken home).

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